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enclosed Photo Booth

How the photos Look

Why we love it

Just like the photo booths of yesteryear, the Enclosed style has a nostalgic feel that will transport you back in time. If you're looking for a traditional photo booth then this is it!
Close the curtain and go wild; don't worry, no one can see you. For those intimate moments an Enclosed booth may be exactly what you need. From weddings to conventions, a little privacy never hurt anybody. 
Our Enclosed photo booth offers the softest lighting of our styles. With a flash box the width of the booth it's no wonder why the photos look so great. Whether you're taking photos in black & white or in color, the lighting will be perfect.
The Enclosed booth only takes up 6'x4' of space making it perfect for events where every square foot counts. Clean, compact and low profile, this style will fit in anywhere.
Go Ahead... don't have to pay now!  This will only tentatively hold a photo booth for you on your selected date.

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