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360 Degree Slow Motion Photo Booth

Pixster 360


  • Capacity 4-6 Guests

  • Equipped with: iPad Pro or M50

  • Platform Height : 11″

  • Footprint Range : 8' – 16’ 

  • Load Capacity : 850 lbs 

  • Automatic Rotation: 10-50 RPM

  • Unit Weight : 156 lbs 

  • Power Source : US Standard, 120-240V

  • Stabilization Tech : Decoupled Stabilization

46″ Video Stage

  • Capacity 1-3 Guests

  • Equipped with: iPad Pro

  • Platform Height : 4″

  • Footprint Range : 7' – 12' 

  • Load Capacity : 600 lbs 

  • Automatic Rotation: 10-50 RPM

  • Unit Weight : 64 lbs

  • Power Source : US Standard, 120-240V

  • Stabilization Tech : In Camera

34″ Video Stage

Two Sizes to choose from
THREE Video Edit Options to Choose From

Only 1 per event may be chosen

360 Edit Options

Option 1 (Slow Motion Only)

Option 2 (Fast>Slow>Fast>Slow)

Option 3 (Fast>Slow>Reverse)

**Custom edits are available for an additional charge**

Completely Shareable
tik tok photo booths
Instagram Photo Booth

Users are able to email or text their 360 videos instantly on site! Using our advanced sharing program, let your guests get social and share their video on major social media sites after emailing videos directly to their phone.  All of our photo booths are equipped with 5G mobile hotspots, so no internet is required! Files are MP4 and compatible with all devices and social media platforms including TikTok. 

Technology Built In
photo booth with social media
Tiktok photo booth

All of our 360 booths are equipped with both cradlepoints and nighthawks. Increase your Internet availability and ensure maximum uptime with business continuity features like failover/failback standard in our built in Cradlepoints.  Our built in Cradlepoints use Verizon's 5G network and help to ensure internet availability for maximum social media sharing.  All photo booths are internet equipped and ready to go!


2023- 360 Packages-NEW-Transparent.png
Go Ahead... don't have to pay now!  This will only tentatively hold a photo booth for you on your selected date.

Super Sweet Add-Ons

Go Ahead... don't have to pay now!  This will only tentatively hold a photo booth for you on your selected date.

What is the buzz about

We are so excited to announce what we believe will be a game changer at events! Our new 360 Photo Booth offers event goers an experience unlike any other. Not only will the experience be unforgettable but the unique video content is perfect for sharing on social platforms. Furthermore, as Pixster has always done, we are able to offer our 360 Photo Booth for an affordable price without compromising the quality of service. 

How it works is a camera orbits around event goers and films a 360 degree slow motion video. Videos are then streamed to an email and social media sharing station where users can instantly access their videos. A ‘director’ helps to stage users to ensure the best video is captured while an on-site host assists users in sharing the completed product. The company hopes the addition of Pixster 360™ will broaden its offerings and help capture new market share. We hope this new innovation can elevate what we offer our clients and help us stand out from other companies. All of our 360 photo booths are manufactured by OrcaVue, the most reliable and highest quality booths on the market.

Pixster has long been the leader of luxury photo booth rentals. Over the past 6 years, the company has captured 2.7 million photos, reached 127 million photo-views and participated in 9000 events. With celebrity users like Kim Kardashian, JLo, Seth Rogen, and Snoop Dogg just to name a few; Pixster Photo Booths is the largest photo booth company on the west coast and one of the highest rated in the nation.

The launch of Pixster 360™ comes a year after their addition of a similar 180 degree experience. Spending almost a year in research and development, Pixster believes they have another winner with the 360 degree booth. In the age of Instagram, content is king and video content in particular is forging the way to social media conquest. With limited competition and a patent pending, the company may have hit the nail on the head.

360 video booth

360 Photo Booth

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