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Watermarking and Overlays

Custom overlays on photos
Add watermarking starting at:
Digital Watermark and Overlays

Keep it simple with just one logo or monogram, or you can get creative and add a full scale overlay. With endless possibilities, watermarking and overlaying is an invaluable marketing tool that can help boost your brand recognition and make your event truly memorable.

Whether a wedding or corporate event, create cohesive across all your digital content. We will help you not only provide a more professional appearance, but you also ensure that your brand remains top-of-mind for users interacting with content. 

Wedding monogram on photo
Photo booth image with watermark
Watermark options


Watermark: Individual logo(s) marked on photo

Overlay: Design overlaid across entire photo

Watermark designs


DIY: Send us a vectored file (specs below) 

Custom: We design it for you with 3 revisions

Make an impact


Make sure that your digital content is properly branded and watermarked for maximum impact.

Watermarks vs. Overlays

Watermarks and overlays are essentially the same thing. They both brand the photo, put an image or images on top the photo, and can not be removed except by the image owner.


Watermarked photo booths


Digital overlays
  1. Create a vectored file 1240px by 720px
  2. Leave transparent space for the photo
  3. Email the file to us
  4. We will email you back a final design proof
Let Us Design it For You
  1. Email us your logo(s) in .PNG format
  2. Our designers will place the logo(s)
  3. We will email you a design proof
  4. You can revise up to 3 times for free

Why we love it

Digital content is viewed, shared, liked, commented on; If your audience is younger then 105, watermarking is essential!
When done right a good overlay or watermark can give the image style, pizazz, and enhance the theme and vibe of your event.
Don't let your images succumb to identity theft. Ensure that users of your photos give credit where credit is due. Watermarking does just that.
Ensure that images are branded with a recognizable logo or monogram, making them  immortalized in the minds of those who view them.

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Corporate Photo Booth Rental

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