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Pixster is Coming to AUSTIN!!!

We are officially annoucing the expansion of our photo booth rental services to Austin, Texas!!! WOO! This expansion will not only serve the Austin area, but cities within a 100-mile radius of our office location.

You all know that Pixster Photo Booths is the largest photo booth rental company in Southern California. We have made quite a splash as an up and coming service provider for the wedding and entertainment industry. Now, we have plans to expand our awesome photo booth rental services to the Austin area. Cities such as San Antonio, Waco, and Round Rock will have access to the services that we provide to clients and guests all over Southern California!

This is just another exciting announcement after a stream of wonderful accomplishments, including surpassing 1,000 photo booth rentals, participating in the 2015 Oscars Unmask Heart Disease Fundraiser, and recently expanding our services in Orange County. Our co-owner and CEO McLain Harvey explains that, “the opportunity presented itself and we seized it. Austin is a rapidly growing market and customer needs are similar to that of San Diego. We are positioned to be a leader and grow market share rapidly.”

A lot of our success is attributed to a focus on providing the best quality open air photo booth experience for customers. We boast more than 100 five-star reviews on our Yelp page, and we continuously strive to set ourselves apart from other photo booth rental companies. Through high-quality, sleekly-designed photo booths, competitive pricing, and services that you won’t find with any other photo booth company, we at Pixster have set ourselves apart.

With us recently passing 1,000 photo booth rentals in the last year, McLain maintains high hopes for rentals in Austin. We have projected that the Austin office will reach 300 rentals in our first year, which will put us on the map for the wedding and entertainment industry in the Lone Star state and hopefully increase our national market share. Projections are backed by the fact that we offer both open air style photo booths and enclosed photo booths. By providing both styles, we aim to appeal to a wider audience. The open air style falls under our specialty, and offers a unique approach to photography and entertainment. With a sleek, wooden exterior and build, the open air style allows up to 15 people to fit in one photo. Bridal parties, offices, and any large groups can engage in the fun!

According to recent business and city reports, Austin, TX is on the map as one of the most up-and-coming cities for everyone from young twenty-somethings to large families. And, according to Forbes, Austin is the number three fastest-growing city in the country. With a booming population, increased entertainment and nightlife, and newer businesses popping up, we are fully taking advantage of this opportunity by staking our claim. Our company's goals and desires for the next few years remain in a positive light. Our new office is set to open August 1, 2015.

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