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Top 10 Photo Booth Ideas

#10 Instagram Frame Cutouts

Custom Instagram Cutout

What’s better than a photos posted on Instagram? A cute Instagram cut out frame customized just for your event! Got a Bridal shower coming up? A custom Instagram cut out is perfect for that special Bride to be! They’re also perfect for weddings, so that you can include your #hashtag. Everyone can include the hashtag and post it to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! This photo booth rental was in Orange County, CA

#9 Chalkboard Backdrop

Photo Booth with Chalkboard Backdrop

Our Chalkboard Backdrop is perfect for the classically elegant, rustic themed wedding. Customized with the couple’s names and wedding date, the chalkboard backdrop goes perfectly with a rustic aesthetic. We love this classic black and white backdrop so much. Not to mention, the newlyweds always look amazing in front of it! This photo booth rental was in Orange County, CA

#8 GIF Enabled Photos

GIF Enabled Photo Booth

If you’re looking to add something extra to your photos, then the GIF photos are perfect for you. They are easy to post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. GIFs are perfect if you want to post multiple photos showing how much fun you had using the photo booth. If you can’t decide on just one photo, post the GIF of the entire photo booth session for everyone to see! We love to see how creative people can get with their poses during a GIF enabled photo session.

#7 Green Hedge Backdrop

Photo booth with green hedge backdrop

The green hedge is becoming more and more popular! A secret garden themed wedding definitely needs the green hedge backdrop to match a beautiful venue filled with lush greenery! We love customizing the green hedge backdrop with flowers, a custom wood cut out sign, or leave it plain for that classic garden party feel.

#6 Life Size Standees

Standees for photo booth ideas

Another great prop to include in your photo booth are custom face cut outs of the bride and groom. Wedding guests love to take photos with the happy couple, but sometimes they are hard to track down on their big day. The custom face cut outs are a fun way for guests to pose with the newlyweds in the photo booth, even if they aren’t around. We know the bride and groom love looking through their photo album and see their guests posing with their fun cut outs.

#5 Custom Backdrop with Head Cutouts

photo booth idea

Having a birthday or a throwing a fun holiday party? A custom themed backdrop is a perfect way to upgrade your photo booth to the next level! We personally love the surfing theme complete with face holes so that guests can post as a surfer or great white shark! We also love Carnival Themed (bearded lady, anyone?) and Western Themed parties! This photo booth installation was created for San Diego Magazine.

#4 Glam Booth (Black and White)

Black and white photo booth

Black and white photos are timeless. Pair black and white photos with 1920s costumes and props, and you have yourself an awesome Gatsby themed party! “Gatsby, what Gatsby?”

Custom 4x6 printed photos come out in black and white that definitely add to your 1920s themed party! A shiny gold flapper backdrop or the solid white backdrop goes perfect for those parties that are meant to be shown off!

#3 Confetti Backdrop

Custom backdrops

A custom confetti themed backdrop is perfect for those glam parties that you want to add a little something extra to! They’re fun for branding a company grand opening, or just to add an insane amount of color in one photo! Add some balloons, rainbow tassels, and you have yourself a picture-perfect set up! This backdrop was created for one of our clients in Los Angeles.

#2 1920s Themed Photo Booth with Staging

1920 themes photo booth

Staging the photo booth to look like a glamourous living room complete with gold frames, champagne glasses and gold encrusted candle sticks are the perfect way to add some extra flair to your photo booth. Guests will be lining up to take a photo in the awesome set up, dressed to the nines and ready to party! We recommend keeping the champagne flowing so that guests aren’t too shy to pose in this amazing set up!

#1 180 Degree GIF Booth

180 degree camera array photo booth

Our 180 GIF booth is the hottest photo booth right now. It’s a 5 camera array and snaps an instant photo of you at 180 degrees. Hope you’re dressed to impress since this set up catches every angle! It’s especially fun for those Hollywood parties that want to have something a with little more pizzazz than a standard photo booth. We love the 180 GIF booth since it’s meant to be shared on Social Media for everyone to see! This photo was taking during a photo booth rental in Phoenix, AZ.

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