photo booth rental san diego

photo booth rental san diego photo booth rental san diego

photo booth rentals

photo booth rentals photo booth rentals

Mclain Harvey

McLain Harvey McLain Harvey

"Our mission is to exceed our customers' expectations through outstanding customer service, an exceptional product, and providing a creative and fun experience."


We Think Outside of the Booth


Founders, best friends, and serial entrepreneurs McLain Harvey and Ian Cote visioned a transformation in photo booth rentals into a seamless experience for both clients and users. Pixster Photo Booths is the premiere photo booth rental company in San Diego, Orange County, and Temecula

Meet the Team:

mclain harvey

mclain harvey mclain harvey

specializing in weddings, corporate events, formals, and parties. Pixster members strive to set themselves apart through an exceptional customer service experience, high quality photo booths, unique services, and competitive pricing. Pixster has a history and goal of providing outstanding service.  Pixster offers customers a seamless experience with added services not typically provided by similar companies. One such service is their open-air booth which 

mclain harvey

mclain harvey mclain harvey

mclain harvey owner of pixster photo booths

Name: McLain Harvey
Title: Owner / Director of Operations
Email: mclain@pixsterphotobooth.com

Favorite Prop:  Can't go wrong with a gorilla wearing sunglasses!


Name: Ian Cote
Title: Owner / Chief Technical Officer
Email: ian@pixsterphotobooth.com

​Favorite Prop:  Love me some peace sign glasses and can't have enough cow bell!



McLain Harvey (right) and Ian Cote (left)

allows customers the opportunity to use customized backgrounds, giving them a red-carpet experience. By taking an innovative approach and allowing each customer to build their own photo booth experience, Pixster has set themselves apart.  With a combined 24 years of customer service , the founders of Pixster understand local business and their customers. 

John Phillips

John Phillips John Phillips

Name: John Phillips
Title: Production Manager
Email: John@pixsterphotobooth.com

​Favorite Prop:  Give me a captain's hat, boa, and blow up guitar and I'm ready to go!


What others are saying

Trevor Bishop

Trevor Bishop Trevor Bishop

Name: Trevor Bishop
Title: Director of Sales and Client Relations

​Favorite Prop:  I need at least 3 boas, some shades, and a picture frame!


"I had Pixster at my wedding and I couldn’t believe what a hit it was! I did the Open Air booth and it was the highlight of the reception...HIGHLY recommend!"


pixter pixter

"Our company recently rented a photo booth from Pixster to use at a multi day conference in San Diego.  I cannot praise McLain and his team enough.  OUTSTANDING customer service.  The photo booth was a huge hit and everyone who stopped by our booth to use it had a great time.  Not only did it print photos, but guests are also able to upload their pictures to Twitter, Facebook, text and email them as well.  What a great marketing tool if you are using this for your business!  If you are looking to rent a photo booth for an event, you absolutely have to go with Pixster.  I will use them again in a heart beat next time our company is in San Diego!"   

Photo booth for wedding in orange county

Photo booth for wedding in orange county
Photo booth for wedding in orange county

Photo booth for wedding

Photo booth for wedding
Photo booth for wedding

"These guys are the best!!!  Had a booth for my wedding and was blown away with the level of service they provided.  They personalized everything for me and made sure that the feel of the pictures were the theme of my wedding... pretty impressed with the creativity and guidance they gave me.  OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you for being the nicest and easiest vendor to work with!"

Photo booth for wedding

Photo booth for wedding
Photo booth for wedding

Name: Stephany Merryman
Title: Graphic Designer

​Favorite Prop:  Mustache and the Zack Morris cell phone.


Photo booth for wedding

Photo booth for wedding in San diego
Photo booth for wedding in San diego

Name: Brandon Toney
Title: Lead Photo Booth Attendant

​Favorite Prop:  Unicorn mask.... enough said!



Trevor Bishop Trevor Bishop

Name: Andy Buzzy
Asset Management
Email: Not Listed

​Favorite Prop:  Santa hat no matter what time of year and Hulk hands!


It Goes Beyond Social Resposibility

Pixster Photo Booths believes that our community is our responsibility. We take every effort to give back directly and indirectly. By purchasing locally as often as possible, to paying our people well above industry standards, we believe that we are called to not only provide our customers with outstanding service, but our community

photo booth san diego

photo booth san diego photo booth san diego

as well. Through charitable donations and giving discounts to underprivileged homes, our social responsibility is not an option; it's just how we do business.  To learn more, please contact us.  We would love to tell you why we do what we do and what we can do for you!

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When are my pictures going to be posted? 

We know you're excited to see your pictures, so we make every effort to get your photos up fast. Pictures are posted 1-5 days after the event.


We're always looking for the best people to join our crew! CLICK HERE to find out more.

What areas do you service? 

Pixster provides photo booth rentals for all of San Diego County, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

Do you charge a travel fee? 

There are no travel fees for San Diego County for any photo booth rental of 3+ hours.  Any rentals outside of San Diego may incur a small fee.



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McLain Harvey

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